This is Dr. Tom Voychehovski’s worldview game. Copy & paste the questions into the comment box and provide your own answers. Provide your name and a short tweet about yourself. The only rule of the game is to keep answers to the length of a tweet!

Ecohumanist Lab

This game will evolve into “The smartest human of the week”. But we are starting now at, so to speak “garage” level.

This blog has no capacity for browsing, scoring, chat-rooming and site -navigating  frills.


1. Pick up your V number which is not taken- check the comments below.

2. describe yourself in 1 line ( name or else)

3. Answer 13 questions describing your worldview – in maximum 140 characters- or twitter size.  Mark them with your number .

Here are the questions. Copy them and Paste in the “Leave a reply” ( They ask you to give name and email . This is embarrassing  but they try to sort out the spam). Write your answers after each question. Click “post comment”.  Put them on the fridge and use every day. This your explicit Worldview.

I .What is the Universe made of?
II.What is the nature of mind?

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