I Survived The Apocalypse T-Shirt!

I Survived The Apocalypse T-Shirt!I had a dream and that dream was to create a t-shirt to commemorate my triumph in surviving through the end of the 13th Mayan Baktun. We have entered into a new age of enlightenment–taken the first step into the next 5,000-year epoch and you should celebrate with me by buying the shirt that commemorates our triumphant survival. My beautiful girlfriend, Sophia helped me realize my dream by building a website from scratch, which you can reach by clicking here! She also recruited world-renowned designer Stewart Scott-Curran, who has worked on impressive projects at Coca-Cola, Nike, Umbro, CNN, the World Cup and many others. Buy the shirt that proves you survived. Only $12.21 (get it?) plus shipping! Buy today! Yeah!

Apocalypse Tee 2012!Apocalypse Tee 2012!

Buy the shirt! Click this text or copy&paste http://www.apocalypsetee2012.com into your URL bar!


Skynet Watch

Robotics scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have taken the liberty of doing all of Skynet’s heavy lifting and designed mini-flying “quadrotor” helicopters that can fly in formation. The sound they make can only be described as a swarm of locusts descending upon your town to devour everything in sight. The applications of these things for Skynet are pretty obvious. I can only speculate that next they’re going to strap weapons to them and put them on an autonomous network patrolling our borders. What could go wrong?

*Update! Here’s a TED talk by the guy behind these flying menaces.